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Together for a
sustainable future.

Angajament pentru Mediu (Environmental Pledge) contributes to the achievement of the
objectives set by the Paris Agreement concerning the fight against climate change.

Institutional partner
Romania's Sustainable Development Strategy


We are launching this initiative because climate change affects us all.
We are all part of the problem, and it is for this reason that the
solution should also come from all of us. The companies joining
this initiative are expressing their desire for a better and sustainable
future, in line with the European direction.

Participant companies will take their first steps towards a more sustainable future and will commit to an international initiative in order to substantiate their environmental pledge.

Iulian Stanciu
Iulian Stanciu
Executive President
Barbara Promberger
Barbara Promberger
CEO Foundation Conservation Carpathia
Alina Elena Genes
Alina Elena Genes
CEO GreenTech I GreenFiber

By reducing their carbon footprint, participant companies will contribute in a pragmatic way towards the fight against climate change, one of the greatest threats to humanity.
Together we can achieve a paradigm shift and contribute to the establishment of a sustainable society, determined to develop on a solid, equitable basis, while in harmony with the environment.

Climate change has become tangible issue and we all know that we are in need of major systemic changes in our society and thinking in order to address this threat and create a better future.

The business sector can spearhead this movement, one in which we have to act collectively and find real solutions.

The European institutions have recognised the essential role played by the circular economy in achieving the goal of neutralising emissions on the continent in the fight against global warming.

The Green Deal objective cannot be achieved without the involvement of key market players in a strong environmental approach. We therefore invite you to join the Angajament pentru Mediu (Environmental Pledge) so that together we can share best practices and solutions to reduce and offset our carbon footprint.

How does Angajament pentru Mediu work?

How do I
become a signatory?

All companies wishing to join the pledge are invited
to register via the online form and will be contacted
shortly by the Angajament pentru Mediu Team.

Join now


Join the list of business leaders with a sustainable perspective
that already signed Angajament pentru Mediu. Together we have the power
to shift the paradigm and become a sustainable society.

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